Stan Putter practices at Conway Advocaten & Attorneys-at-law since June 2016. He rejoined the firm where he started his career in 2008 following an interim period of four years during which he worked in the Amsterdam and London offices at an international law firm.

Mr. Putter has a commercial dispute resolution and advisory practice. His practice is primarily focused on international arbitration and proceedings before Dutch courts with international elements. He is frequently instructed to act as counsel in arbitrations and has gained significant experience with ICC, LCIA, NAI and SCC arbitrations, amongst others. Mr. Putter also sits as arbitrator (in i.a. ICC, NAI, UNUM and VIAC arbitrations) and acts for clients in arbitration related court proceedings such as recognition and enforcement proceedings, setting aside proceedings and provisional measure proceedings. Other court proceedings he deals with frequently relate to provisional measures, freezing orders, enforcement and security rights. Besides his dispute resolution practice, Mr. Putter also advises clients on divergent legal matters.

Mr. Putter represents clients primarily from the offshore, energy, finance, technology, petrochemical and construction industries.

He regularly gives speeches on international arbitration and litigation. He furthermore also regularly writes about those topics.

Mr. Putter is frequently recommended, amongst others by Legal500, by Expert Guides as ‘Rising Star’ and by Who’s Who Legal as ‘Arbitration Future Leader’. Mr. Putter holds leadership positions within various arbitration bodies. He is an Executive Board member of the Dutch Arbitration Association (DAA) and the Executive Officer of the Court of Arbitration for Art (CAfA).


  • Executive Board Member of the Dutch Arbitration Association
  • Regional representative Europe LCIA YIAG
  • Member of CIArb
  • Member of ICC YAF
  • Member of ASA < 40
  • Member of ICDR Y&I
  • Member of NAI Young Orange (Jong Oranje)
  • Member of the Dutch Construction Law Association (VBR)

Cruise Ship (arbitration): chair of multiple arbitral tribunals in arbitral interim measures proceedings relating to a dispute between a South-European shipyard and a Caribbean cruise ship company relating to the termination of a construction agreement and claims for the transfer of the vessel and a prohibition to relocate the vessel and levy attachments on various vessels pending arbitral main proceedings.

Oil & Gas projects (ICC arbitrations): global coordinating counsel for a Scandinavian oil & gas company in relation to the setting aside and enforcement of three ICC arbitrations relating to the exploration of oil & gas in the Middle East. 

Petrochemical (ICC arbitration): representation of an English manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic storage tanks in an ICC arbitration regarding a dispute on the construction and delivery of such tanks for a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia.

Enforcement ICC award: representation of a major US oil & gas company with effecting a series of attachments on quantities of oil, bank accounts and under trade partners of a state-owned Southern American oil & gas company in aid of the enforcement of an ICC arbitral award with a New York seat, as well as advice and coordination of attachments in the Dutch Caribbean.

Construction power plant chimneys: advising a Dutch manufacturer of chimney liners on a dispute with its client, a US based main contractor, concerning timely manufacturing of chimney liners for powerplants in the Middle East.

Setting aside ICC award: advising a contractor on the setting aside of an ICC award relating to a FIDIC contract for the construction of a container terminal in a Western African country.

Construction oil rigs (SCC arbitration): representation of an international oil exploration and production company in a Stockholm seated SCC arbitration against a Chinese engineering and construction company concerning the purchase of five oil rigs.

Recognition ICAC arbitral award: representation of a Russian national in proceedings against a Russian steel conglomerate at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal concerning the New York Convention enforcement of an ICAC arbitral award set aside by Russian courts.

Oil and gas (ICC arbitration): representation of a supplier in the oil and gas industry in a Geneva seated ICC arbitration in a dispute with an Italian construction company concerning the purchase of gas filters for a project in Iran.

Recognition LCIA arbitral award: representation of a BVI company with the effecting of a freezing order on shares in a Dutch public limited liability company in support of a LCIA arbitration and in subsequent New York Convention recognition and enforcement proceedings to enforce the related LCIA award. Click here for the leave to effect the freezing of the shares (in Dutch).

Offshore platform: advising a subcontractor on variation order claims relating to a FIDIC contract for the construction of an offshore topside platform for a windmill park in the North Sea area.

Ownership trademark portfolio (ICC arbitration): representation of a Dutch trading house in an Amsterdam seated ICC arbitration against a formely listed Dutch company relating to ownership of a trademark portfolio in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Non-compete (NAI arbitration): representation of an American steel industry supplier in a dispute with a Slovenian (state owned) entity in various Amsterdam seated NAI arbitrations and related court proceedings regarding violations of non-compete clauses and the setting aside of procedural orders and a final arbitral award. Click here for one of the awards.

Enforcement pledge on shares: representation of a Russian investment fund in court proceedings relating to a dispute about the enforcement by a Russian bank and a Russian pension fund of a pledge on shares in a Dutch public limited liability company. Click here for a judgment through which an auction for the public sale of shares was prohibited (in Dutch).

Blocking of SPA: representation of a Russian private equity fund in proceedings at the Amsterdam district court and court of appeal concerning the transfer of shares in a Kazakh transportation company by a Russian listed company.

Freezing orders: representation of a Swiss bank in a series of urgent relief proceedings before Dutch courts against a commodity manager and an insurance company in connection with a Geneva seated UNCITRAL arbitration concerning large quantities of grain embezzled in Russia.

Enterprise Chamber: representation of a holding company in proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam court of appeal relating to alleged mismanagement concerning the sale of a Maltese 5 star hotel in order to preclude enforcement of a loan (published: ARO 2013/126, ARO 2013/154).

Insurance motorsport events: representation of an English insurer of motorsport events in various urgent relief proceedings initiated by Dutch racing teams in relation to payment disputes under the insurance policies. Click here  for one the judgments (in Dutch).

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New Dutch Act and NAI Arbitration Rules enter into force / S.N.J. Putter, Practical Law, 2015.

Consolidation under the revised draft Netherlands arbitration law / S.N.J. Putter, Practical Law 2014.

Proposal to modernize the Netherlands Arbitration Act submitted to Parliament / S.N.J. Putter, Practical Law, 2013. Download PDF

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Young ICCA – Art Law & International Arbitration (London, 2019)

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CIAC/USC – The Rules of Evidence in International Arbitration: Towards Convergence or Confusion? (Los Angeles, 2019)

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Association for International Arbitration - Enforcement and Setting Aside of Arbitral Awards (Brussels, 2016)

University of Amsterdam - Enforcement of (investment) awards (Amsterdam, 2013 - present)

Groningen University - Investment Arbitration (Groningen 2012 - present)


Practice areas

International arbitration
Industrial projects
Process industry
Manufacturing & trade
Corporate & commercial litigation


Erasmus university Rotterdam